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Character Name:Anise Tatlin
Character Canon: Tales of the Abyss


AU History: Born as an only child to Pamela and Oliver Tatlin, Anise who is 16 has seen mostly hardship in her life. Due to her parents giving nature they are constantly broke along with seemingly always in need of money which causes her to try and seek different means of obtaining it.. This means con artists and loan sharks are a constant harassers in her life. Regardless, Anise likes to show a smile and pretend like nothing is wrong, something which she has learned to do from her parents. Around two years ago though, The church Anise's parents work for found a child in the forest and her parents decided to adopt her, feeling bad that they couldn't give the girl any siblings before. It was rough since the child was feral but Anise was able to help her learn how to fit into their society with plenty of help from other people. 
Though she makes good grades in school, Anise is a target of bullying, something which she tries to combat to the best of her abilities by using underhanded tactics. She hardly stands when they make fun of her but when they make fun of her sister she makes sure they learn their lesson. Whenever it gets too rough for her to handle though, she'll hide out for a couple of days, playing with the local pokemon to help make her feel better. She aspires to be a trainer, slowly but surely she's working her way into doing so by training her beloved Eevee.

Canon Personality: On the surface, Anise is a bright, cheerful, and happy-go-lucky girl with a bit of a mischief in her. But in all actuality, her peppy attitude serves as a mask to cover up her much darker side. Forced to work under Grand Maestro Mohs to negotiate her parents’ debt instead of living life as a “normal” girl, Anise had no choice but to grow up much too quickly and take on an extraordinary amount of responsibility. It is because of this that she trained hard to became a Fon Master Guardian at the young age of eleven, becoming heavily involved in the military and parading as an adult for her family’s sake.

But underneath her heavy mask, Anise is a practical girl; she tries to think things through to the best of her ability to do what she thinks is good for the majority and, most importantly, for her parents' well being. However, this is completely opposite of what she tends to portray. She curses and says threats that she intends to keep. If one gets on her bad side, he or she will get a glimpse of her cutthroat and ruthless attitude that she most likely learned on the streets. After all, she has the training of a soldier thanks to the Order of Lorelei. Anise is also quite cynical of others. For example, she makes several comments about distrusting Luke even after his promise change, and telling the party that they are much too trustworthy by siding with him. Yet she says this for two reasons: not only because she is wary of people, but because she is also duping the party as well. This eventually leads to a life-altering moment for her (see below), but it was also a defense mechanism, most likely brought about because of her parents’ financial problems. Her parents are good people, which causes them to be taken advantage of easily. It is also because of the debt that her parents have incurred that Anise has become a money grubber/gald digger and tries to marry rich, often being seen flirting with anyone she knows that might have a big bank account.

It should be noted that Anise is not out to take advantage of people for selfish reasons. She only does it for her family, as she is not one for injustice. After all, it is for that very reason that her parents have accrued a mass amount of debt.

The incident that changed her forever was when Anise had been blackmailed by Mohs. She had to lead her charge, Fon Master Ion, into a trap, or else her parents would be killed. Unfortunately, since she didn’t have enough trust in Luke and company, she followed his orders and led her assumed first love to his death. This changed her significantly, as she feels responsible for what happened to him and because she no longer had to lead a “double life” per se. With that out in the open, it was then that she decided to change her ways, becoming less focused on money and more on carrying on Ion’s vision. This is shown when she states to Jade Curtiss that she wants to become the first female Fon Master to help the Church and it’s people live in a world without the score.

After the Fon Master's death, Anise has gotten better with hiding behind her mask and is a bit more with others. Anise is also an information gatherer; she likes to hear all the gossip and know what’s going on 24/7.This is mainly out of habit from working as a mole in the group (once again, this task was forced on her since she had to work in order to pay off her parent's debt.) The puppeteer is also bright and witty; she was able to learn a complicated magic spell really quickly just by sneaking a glance in a spell casting dojo. Of course the down side to that is she can be manipulative and tricky if and when she wants to be – a real troll.

AU Deviation:
With two major people (Ion and Mohs) who had roles in the shaping of her personality out of her life we are left with the basic beginning.

Anise was born to an overly giving couple, handing out money to whoever may be in need. This of course makes them very prone to con men and loan sharks, people who Anise have actively been trying to keep out of their lives while trying to get her parents (mostly father) to stop giving to the wrong people.

I’ll be keeping that the same in this game because however unfortunate is the basis of her character. Poor and desperate.

While in the game she was actively seeking a rich man to marry, I can’t see her doing this here for the main reason she probably has already figured out she doesn’t stand a chance on getting into that, leaving her with only a few choices to select her better life from.

She does have an opportunity in Union that she did not in Daath, that being free education. While it presents a wonderful opportunity, children can be conniving and I can see her being bullied to not shine more than those who want to be the best.

Not wanting to end up slaving away at an industrial job this leaves her just one thing, to try and be a trainer.

She did have magical powers in Abyss, and was considered almost a prodigy with the way how she figured out how to cast spells just by watching someone do it. I’d like her to be enlightened, perhaps not know it at first but gradually discover her powers, maybe by watching someone else.

Canon Abilities: I'm going to place a link here because she has 40 or so artes. Most of these she's only able to really do with her puppet doll Tokunaga which in extension is a weapon. Anise by herself would be able to cast without Tokunaga, usually spells that are either of a light or dark nature.

Enlightened Abilities:

As an Enlightened, Anise will have the ability of kindred soul along with Fairy/Dark type

Due to conflicts, I can see her having much more in common with pokemon than she does with people at times. She is comfortable either as a loner or with select people she can stand but it doesn't mean she can't display a cheerful facade. Deep down she wants to be accepted and believes in justice in her heart. I can see her talking her problems over with a pokemon one day and then suddenly hearing advice back.

I think Fairy and Dark coincide with her personality well along with how her artes work in-game. Fairy for the charm she likes to put on in public to get in good graces and Dark for when things don't go her way and she needs to use force.

Beginning abilities- Something like a soft version of Charm and Babydoll eyes. Little looks that could send your heart a flutter when she wants to get her way with certain things. 

1st evolution-  With practice her powers will become more realized though seeming to be hit or miss. Gaining the powers of what seems to be similar to Play rough and Thief, her dark attributes will start to manifest more properly. She'll begin being able to see better in the dark along with gaining a certain amount of charming affects that come with the fairy class. Anise may start to have a soft glow or aura around her, especially in the moon light.

2nd evolution- Her powers will be more prominent . She can manipulate the shadows around her, preferring the cover of dark. She also can create claws from the shadows along with using them for dark attacks. The strongest light she prefers is moon light but could stand sun if need be, most likely with the aid of sunglasses. In the dark it appears she has wispy wings of light on her back, creating the illusion of her being a fairy. 

Starter Pokémon:  Eevee

Notes/Special Considerations: N/a?



[Anise skipped out on school again, something which she truly did not like to do but did so to avoid certain people. She sat in a park under a tree, wordlessly playing with some of the local eevees that liked to hang around the area. The girl reflected on the events that took place the day before. How she was pulled into the bathroom and threatened if she dared to even seem better than the other girl who pulled her in. It didn't help that they were competing to get into a certain class. She really wanted it but at the same time...

A shadow darkened over her's while a polite clearing of the throat could be heard. Even without words, it was familiar and caused her to stiffen before looking up at a very familiar face.]

I-I can explain!

[Even if she was laughing a bit nervously at being caught by Headmaster Osborne, she was lucky it wasn't her brother instead that did so.]


Anise sat down in a rather large high-back leather chair. She adjusted in her stiff seat as best as she could, feeling like nothing could calm the ball of anxiety twisting in her stomach. Across from her was Headmaster Osborne, between them was her neatly kept desk. Even though the head master has yet to say anything more since they got in to her office, she still felt like she was being judged for prize pokemon as she wrote out a letter, presumably to her parents. Pausing for a moment, the woman sat her pen down to gaze at Anise, causing the girl to adjust uncomfortably once more.

"I know I've asked this before but I don't understand why you won't tell me the reason for you skipping. You had the best grades in your class about a month ago and now you're failing? It's like you've stopping trying and I just don't understand why."

Anise glanced away, avoiding her piercing brown eyes. This caused the headmaster to sigh once more before shaking her head.

"Fine, I'd just like to hear the answer to a few questions."

Anise could feel the bottom of her stomach drop before the Headmaster started.

"What do you do to ensure we never again awaken the wrath of the gods upon humanity?"

"Err, make sure we treat pokemon properly and not abuse their powers and abilities."

"Correct. What does the story of the Savior mean to you?"

The girl hesitated for a moment, wondering just where she was getting these questions from.

"I suppose if you have courage anything could be possible.."

The older woman frowned before continuing.

"What would you say the most important occupation is within Union?"

Anise raised a brow, feeling agitated with how many questions she was being asked. What was this even for anyway?

"I think all of them are important. There's a need for them so of course people are supplying the best they can."

Then the headmaster hit her with the big one.

"What do you feel your role in Union is?"


Anise hesitated before spouting what was practically grounded into memory

"Provide for and further the city"

"What would you say is your greatest duty, and why?"

The girl deadpanned at the question. All that to lead up to this?

"To receive education from the city and learn from the mistakes of the past."

The headmaster smiled brilliantly at Anise.

"Good, so I'll be seeing you at school tomorrow?"

"Yes Headmaster Osborne, you'll see me at school tomorrow."


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