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Player Name: Yuugao
Contact Info: AIM-Yuugao818 MSN(main email)
Other Characters Played: N/A

Character Name: Anise Tatlin
Canon: Tales of the Abyss

Canon Background: Background I wrote annnd Wiki, I'll have to take her from the beginning or so of canon per say because she doesn't have the influences she needed to change.

AU Background:  Anise grew up in the slums of Werrand, her father usually lost any amount of money they had to one sort of scam or another because he was far too trusting. Life was obviously hard, Anise had to learn how to be street wise and how to be tough. The obvious edge for her would be to somehow learn magic. And she finally did when she was eleven just by spying on a magic casting class. She was able to show off this edge when debt collectors came to harass her parents, this did not go unnoticed mind you. It wasn't long until the church extended a 'helping hand' to her family, they would erase the family's debt and send her to 'school' a price mind you. Anise was the one paying in a sense. She was sent to a military academy, learning the ways of the church and how to fight. She was the top of her class, it didn't take long until her teachers notice her talent and suggested for her to undergo operative training. Soon she was trained in the art of spying. On one of her learning missions, she was under the cover of a flower girl. Being a natural flirt that she was, she chatted up one of the popular village boys and quickly gained negative attention from all the girls. They surrounded her in a back alley and was about to attack when a strange, flamboyant man saved her. Though surprised, she thanked him, she didn't want to show off that she was stronger than what she led onto. As icing on top of the cake, he even gave her a strange stuffed yellow cat with a Cheshire grin. Even if he was proud and quite a bit self-centered, she did enjoy the awkward friendship they made. After completing a successful mission with her teacher it wasn't long until she completed quite a few more. When Anise moved up to the rank Operative, she was given a gift by her employers for her success, that gift was a metal choker with a fonstone in the middle. Her employers gave her the code name Puppet Master and soon she found out why it was very fitting.

Personality:  On the surface Anise is a bright, cheerful, happy-go-lucky girl. In actuality her happy smile is a mask to cover what’s really going on. She usually has a smile on her lips but deep down she has a lot on her mind, especially with her responsibilities and goals. Even with all that going on she always seems to try and look at the glass half full. 

Underneath her mask, she is a practical girl; she tries to think things through to the best of her ability and do what would be good for the majority. Of course, even the most mature kids have slip ups in a sense and one can see that with her dark side. It’s completely opposite of what she usually tried to portray. She curses and says threats that she intends to keep. Usually if one gets on her bad side or not in her favor they’ll easily see this side quickly, which consists of her being rather ruthless and cutthroat. In spite of some of her more immature qualities, she is a very responsible person unlike her parents when it at least comes to money.  Due to the debt her parents collected, she became a money grubber and is trying to marry rich (That's right rich men! COME AT ME WITH ALL THE GOLD!). Often she could be found flirting with someone who has the biggest bank account in the vicinity. She does use the art of 'seduction' during her missions. How well it works though...well she says well enough.

Anise is a natural information gatherer; she likes to hear all the gossip and know what’s going on 24/7. The puppet master is also bright and witty; she was able to learn a complicated magic spell rather quickly just by sneaking a glance in a spell casting dojo. Of course the down side to that is she can be manipulative and tricky if and when she wants to be. Of course, that isn't a down side for her now is it~? 

Combat Style: Anise literally takes her plush that's on her back and makes it grow using fonons in the game, this is because Dist installed a fon stone into Tokunaga (the plush). The fon stone is synchronized with her fonon abilities that's how she's able to make it grow and move...NOW LETS USE MAGICAL WORDS. 

With permission, Anise is a Puppet Master, thanks to an artifact that's synchronized with her magic, but of course I will have limitations because LOLGODMODE. She is able to control inanimate objects with appendages within a ten foot radius usually fully unless someone states "NO PLZ". For people I have a permission post that I promise to abide by so please respond~♥ If people don't respond, I'll just assume she can't control them.

For actual fighting, Anise gets onto Tokunaga's back and uses him as a weapon of mass destruction. He can swing, punch, jump (and kick) basically he's her arm and legs while fighting. She herself can pause him when at a good distance away from the fight to cast. Anise mostly has light and dark spells, the only ones with elements are when Tokunaga uses them in an attack or when there's another element at hand, like fire or water.

Without Tokunaga, I would like to think that she would be just as frightening. In game, she did have a knife on her waist, I'd like to think she wasn't afraid to shank a hoe. She's very quick, agile, and resourceful when it comes down to it, she's probably more likely to evade and run before using her knife though. Blood is kinda messy...

Kingdom or Faction:  The Church (passive)

Primary Role: Intelligence Operative (Operative) under the guise of a devout church follower.

Soldier or Siege Company: n/a

Tarot Cards: The Fool, Temperance, The Star

Title:  Anise the Flat  The Puppet Master

Artifacts: Fon Stone Necklace- Helps her with her 'puppet master' abilities. It's worn in a choker fashion.

Sample Post:

Have something here too~

The Fool

Question: You are about to embark upon a grand journey. What do you carry in your satchel?


The Magician

Question: Your liege has called upon you to perform a task of great importance. Upon what do you rely to complete it?

A: Myself and Tokunaga of course~♥

The High Priestess

Question: Your rival in court knows something that you do not, and this knowledge is giving them the advantage. How do you address this issue?

A: Directly in a back alley where no one can see the two of us 'chat'.

 The Lovers

Question: What is love to you?

A: A beautiful feeling that a person can feel for another.

The Chariot

Question: It is the eve of a great battle, and the troops have made camp for the night. Where are you and what are you doing?

A: Spending my time with people I like, might as well have a little fun before I may lose my life.

The Hermit

Question: The pressures of court have become too much for you to bear, what do you do?

A: Take a small break to have some time to myself. Perhaps catch up with some friends while I'm at it.

Wheel of Fortune

Question: You are given the opportunity to bet everything you have for great fortune, should you win you will be granted the wealth of kings but should you lose you will lose everything. What do you do?

A: I have nothing to lose so I would bet everything♥


Question: What do you do in the face of great adversity?

A: Do the best I can I guess.

The Hanged Man

Question: For what cause are you willing to sacrifice yourself?

A: None at all.


Question: A celebration is being held in your honor. Lavish food, gifts, and even people are offered at your table. What do you take or do in celebration of your achievements?

A: I'll take anything people are willing to give, even without a big celebration♥

The Devil

Question: What vices keep you from achieving your true potential?

A: Vices?! Ladies don't have vices. Greed

The Tower

Question: Everything you love and held dear has been taken from you in the blink of an eye. What do you do?

A:Well...I'd probably be dead, so there's nothing I can do. If I was somehow still alive wouldn't the only choice be is to start over?

The Star

Question: What are your aspirations? 

A: To be rich♥

The Moon

Question: What do you make of your dreams?

A: They're simple of course♥ All I want is money‚ô™

The World

Question: At the end of the journey, what remains in your satchel?

A: Remains? I hope I have more at the end than I did in the beginning.


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